Dependency and Neglect – Definitions

Dependency and Neglect

Cases filed by a County Department of Human or Social Services alleging that a child is dependant or neglected. These cases may allege that a child is beyond the parent’s control, maybe in an dangerous environment or abused in their home and puts measures into effect to stabilize the family situation, including therapy and treatment plans. These types of cases may result in termination of parental rights and any legal right to their children. These can be very serious cases given the usual overbearing approach of social services workers and potential serious ramifications.

Juvenile Adjucations as Delinquents

Most children under eighteen years of age are charged as juveniles and not as adults unless the particular offense is very serious. Children that violate the law may be removed from the home, placed in detention and subject to treatment plans and programs to assist the juvenile in no longer offending, given their age and lack of maturity. These cases are, however, defended just like criminal cases.