Criminal Law

Have you been charged with a crime?
Are you under investigation and may possibly be charged with a crime?

Denver, Colorado - State CapitolThese can be extremely trying and emotional situations. Whether innocent or guilty, it is never advisable to handle such a situation without legal representation. It is very difficult for an individual under investigation to “talk their way out of it”. Individuals who willingly talk with law enforcement while being investigated for a crime, may unwittingly hurt their case by giving law enforcement information to make their case. You have a right to remain silent. It is in your interest to assert that right!

At the Law Office of Mark Brandes, we are here to assist you, to advise you, to guide you through the process and to defend you to the maximum extent allowable by law. We fight for your rights: zealous, aggressive and experienced representation, from the investigative stage, through arraignment, preliminary hearing, trial and sentencing if necessary.

In the Criminal Defense arena we provide complete representation addressing law enforcement investigations, petty and traffic offenses and misdemeanors and felony charges.

At the onset of your case, if a warrant for your arrest has already issued (instead of a summons having been issued), we work towards surrendering you before a judge to vacate the warrant and hopefully avoid you being taken into custody and having to post a bond. If you are taken into custody, we work to have you released on a personal recognizance bond without payment or with posting the lowest possible bond.

Experts Strategizing the Best Defense

Upon retaining The Law Office of Mark Brandes, we begin building a defense, including investigation and witness interviews, obtaining discovery (police reports, witness statements, etc.), determining the need for and retaining experts and strategizing to develop the best defense possible.

Aggressive, Experienced Representation

collage_page_1_2_rightIn criminal cases we zealously defend our clients including moving to exclude evidence against you that may have been obtained in violation of your constitutional rights: evidence obtained by law enforcement stopping and detaining you without legal justification; statements that you may have made without proper advisement of your right to remain silent; and any evidence obtained against you as a “fruit” or result of your rights having been violated.

As your case is investigated and evidence is analyzed, we will advise you as to the best possible outcome for your case. Does the prosecution have a good case against you? Perhaps a plea bargain would be in order with presentation of mitigating facts in your favor. Perhaps you have a good defense, including that you are not guilty, and the case should go to trial. Perhaps you are not offered a plea bargain and the case must go to trial.

We represent individuals charged with all criminal violations in Colorado including:

Traffic Infractions

  • careless driving
  • stop sign & light violations
  • speeding

Petty Offenses

  • possession of marijuana
  • all dog cases

  • serious bodily injury assaults
  • vehicular assault
  • vehicular homicide
  • all sexual offenses including rape
  • all drug charges including
  • possession & distribution
  • murder and all homicides
  • manslaughter
  • theft
  • forgery
  • racketeering

  • domestic violence
  • third degree assault
  • theft
  • sex crimes
  • driving under the influence

Mark Brandes has been fighting the prosecution, defending clients accused of criminal conduct, litigating and trying cases to juries and judges in courtrooms throughout the State of Colorado for over twenty years. When you are under investigation for allegedly committing a crime or you have been charged with a crime, you want experienced, aggressive and competent legal representation, such as you will receive from the Law Office of Mark Brandes. Since it is your life at stake, don’t make the mistake of going to court without an attorney or hiring an attorney without the guts to take on the system!



We provided compassionate, experienced and aggressive legal services ranging from negotiated agreements to full courtroom litigation before a judge or jury. Feel free to contact Mark Brandes for a free detailed telephone consultation.

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