Child Custody

Establishment, Modification and Collection

Child CustodyChild support is for the benefit of the child and is based upon child support guidelines set forth by law. Child support calculations take into consideration each party’s income as well as health insurance and daycare expenses for the child. An individual’s personal expenses are generally not taken into consideration.

Areas of contention concerning child support routinely addressed by that the Law Office of Mark Brandes include discovering and accurately calculating parties’ incomes, especially if the individual is self-employed, determining when an individual is voluntarily underemployed or unemployed and accurately determining daycare and health insurance expenses as well as any extraordinary special needs expenses of the child.

Child support is always modifiable provided that the resulting change would be greater than 10% and is expected to be of a continuing nature. If you have not received child support as court ordered, we can work to collect those back amounts, including implementation of wage assignments (garnishments).

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