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Child Custody Denver Colorado

Child Custody

Formerly referred to as custody, "allocation of parental responsibilities" refers to how parents make decisions concerning major issues for their children. Dicision- making may be allocated to one individual solely, to both parents jointly or will be divided between the parents. …

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Divorce Lawyer Denver Colorado


Our philosophy at the Law Office of Mark Brandes is to first attempt to resolve dissolution of marriage issues amicably. We start by negotiating with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to reach as many agreements as possible resulting in the least amount of emotional turmoil to …

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Criminal Lawyer Denver Colorado

Criminal Law

At the Law Office of Mark Brandes, we are here to assist you, to advise you, to guide you through the process and to defend you to the maximum extent allowable by law. We fight for your rights: zealous, aggressive and experienced representation from …

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