Denver Family Law


Sad looking siblings with arguing parents behind themIt is always preferable for individuals going through a divorce to agree on how they will part, often after many decades of marriage, raising children and working hard to acquire property and planning for a comfortable future and retirement.

Our philosophy at the Law Office of Mark Brandes is to first attempt to resolve dissolution of marriage issues amicably. We start by negotiating with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to reach as many agreements as possible resulting in the least amount of emotional turmoil to you and your minor children.

Children are the most adversely affected individuals by divorce and therefore extra care must be taken to protect children from the upheaval of one family now becoming two and of living in two households instead of one.

For the lucky few, those seeking a divorce will come to an attorney having already decided how to separate, how assets and debts will be divided, how they will parent their minor children, including how parenting time will be divided between parents. All that remains is for counsel to draft a Separation Agreement.

Unfortunately, for the majority of people going through a divorce, it is not that straight forward and easy, where few agreements are reached without the assistance of an attorney well versed in the complexities of family law and willing to aggressively litigate cases in Court.